Security Policy

BCIB maintains the following security measures among others to protect consumer information:

  • Access to confidential consumer information is limited within BCIB to those who have a need to know the information: obtaining and transmitting information on the consumer or those dealing with a consumer request for information or consumer disputes.
  • Access to BCIB’S computer terminals, file cabinets, fax machines, trash bins, desktops, etc. are secure from unauthorized access.
  • BCIB maintains a secure network to safeguard consumer information from internal and external threat.
  • Any backup data is maintained in an encrypted form.
  • Access by users over the internet requires a confidential user name and alpha/numeric password.
  • BCIB maintains records on each request for information and identifies each user who requested information on a consumer.
  • Employees are prohibited from “browsing” files or databases without a business justification.
  • Destruction of consumer information follows the federal regulatory requirements that the information be unreadable upon disposal.