TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY SOLUTION can assist your organization with key background screening components for the transportation industry. Whether you employ drivers or utilize outside vendors to handle the trucking for your company our team will help assess your needs and create a streamlined program to screen all covered employees.

Drivers are on the road representing your company on a daily basis. Commercial insurance rates are rising every year and it is important to manage your drivers to make sure their driver’s license is always valid and up to date.

We recommend some of the following solutions for the transportation industry:

  • MVR NOW instant driving records
  • Ongoing Driver’s license monitoring
  • CDLIS (Commercial Driver’s License Information System)
  • DOT Employment Verifications and questionnaires
  • County Criminal Records Search
  • National Criminal Intel Search can also help create a Federally Regulated DOT Drug Testing program and random selection management program for your drivers. Inquire with us…

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